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Newsletter of September

Hello BA enthusiast

September is traditionally the month in which future potential Business Analysts return back to school. Todlers show us repeatedly (and repeatedly...) that we humans are born to be Business Analysts by nature. How do we know this? Simple... They continue to repeat the same question over and over again: "WHY?"

Over time, parents find out that children gradually stop asking this question. Yet, we need to be careful not to suppress this natural urge. For aspiring and junior analysts to understand the context, the rationale, the WHY remains one of the most important things to master.

The end of the summer is for most of us as well a return to our professional reality. Give it a try, ask a bit more often why...

Worth noting, the 23rd of September wil already be the 125th edition of our BA Café!! Be sure not to miss out on this very special edition, which coincides with the deadline for submissions for our third BA Achievement Award.

Best regards,

Robin Smets
Board Member Professional Development for the IIBA Brussels Chapter


In-person event: Creating Product Focus

Solving customer problems creates value. During this in-person event, Julia Müller will talk about how a product mindset can help teams working on digital products to gain that focus needed to pursue delivering value against all obstacles. 

We will host this event twice: on the 29th of September (Berchem) and the 6th of October (Hasselt).

Click the buttons below for more details and to register for this event!

Session BerchemSession Hasselt

Webinar: Humans are hard, Code is easy

Influence and collaboration are important skills for developers. In this webinar on Tuesday, the 18th of October, Tom Henricksen will elaborate on these skills and their practical significance for BAs.

This webinar is for free, but registration is required by clicking the button below.

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BA Achievement Award 2022

What business analysis achievement are you really proud of? Tell us and grab your chance at winning the BA Achievement Award before Friday, the 23rd of September!

Click the button below to know how you can participate.

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Read more details about the BA Achievement Award

BA tip of the month

Business Analysis can be fun!

Check out some BA humour and comics on ModernAnalyst.com.

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    BA Café

    Do you miss the opportunity to gather around with other BA professionals? Why not join our weekly BA café on Fridays during lunch break?


    📅 We are already organising our 125th edition this Friday, 23rd of September! Please join and share your most memorable BA Café topics!

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