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Your place of professionalisation and collaboration in the world of Business Analysis

Newsletter of November

Hello BA enthusiast

What are you celebrating today?

Global BA Day on November 1 gave us 24 hours of content and IIBA celebrations, including a nomination for our Professional Development activities and a win for our president Filip.

The BA Achievement Award Ceremony on November 22 will put a new achievement in the spotlights.

Celebrations and awards, big and small, are a wonderful and energising way of saying "Thank you! Well done!" Receiving them is great, giving them is probably even better.

What or who are you celebrating today? Don't hesitate, just say it. :-)

Your IIBA Brussels Chapter Team.


Hybrid event: An Introduction to the BABOK Guide and our 2023 Study Group

What is the BABOK Guide? How do I read it and is the study group suited for me? These questions will be tackled during our free hybrid event on Tuesday, the 6th of December.

We highly recommend this session if you are interested in the next edition of our study group, since our trainers will be present to answer your questions. This event is for free, but registration is needed.

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Info & Registration

BA tip of the month

If you are an IIBA member, you can now save 20% on IIBA’s full suite of certification exams when you write the exam by December 30, 2022. Check out this page for the terms and conditions.

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    BA Café

    Do you miss the opportunity to gather around with other BA professionals? Why not join our weekly BA café on Fridays during lunch break?

    Join our next BA Café

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