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Newsletter of April

📢 Hybrid event on 26th of April - Agile business cases

Hello BA enthusiast

Being nimble can be defined as "the scalable capability for organizations to sense and respond to change", according to IIBA's latest research report.

Is there a difference with the concept of agile? Fabrício Laguna, also known as The Brazilian BA, has published an interesting in-depth article about the key differences between nimble and agile, and an overview of how to be nimble.

Are you currently working in an agile context? Do you want to learn more about agile value management?

Let's discuss on Wednesday, 26th of April at our hybrid event "Agile Business Cases".

The IIBA Brussels Chapter team.


Hybrid event: Agile Business Cases

In an agile approach, we accept there’s a lot we don’t know up-front. So how do we (help) estimate the project? What’s the agile alternative for following up on scope, time and cost? How can we stay in control without sacrificing flexibility and responsiveness to changes?

Let's find out together with Damien Braeckman next Wednesday, 26th of April in Brugge (at Novado) or online. This event is for free, but registration is mandatory.

Check out the details

BA & Beyond 2023: Beyond Agile

In less than one month, BA & Beyond 2023 will take place in Belgium, the Netherlands and online.

Did you know that there is a Beyond Agile track?

Keith Ellis will hold a lungo talk about Being nimble.

Individual IIBA® members are entitled to a € 50 discount on individual conference afternoon tickets. Check out the program and registration details by clicking the button below.

BA & Beyond 2023
Check out the program and register

Past event: The Conscious Business Analyst

In March, we hosted a hybrid event about being conscious as a BA with Stijn Verstraete and Johan Merckx. You can find the recording and materials by clicking the button below!

Check out the recording

BA tip of the month: IIBA's Being Nimble Report

IIBA’s Global Research continues to grow with the latest report, Being Nimble. ​​​​​​The new Being Nimble research examines the established concept of business agility and identifies ways that organizations can improve their ability to sense and respond to change through the application of business analysis. You can download your free copy by clicking the button below.

    Get your free copy
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    Do you miss the opportunity to gather around with other BA professionals? Why not join our weekly BA café on Fridays during lunch break?

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