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Dear Marsha,

Almost 100 years ago, Ursula Parrott observed and started writing about women’s burnout, struggles with work-life balance, and male career envy.  I had the pleasure of writing an article about this for LitHub, which dropped on the 5th of July, and have spent a lot of this summer thinking about how to better balance my own ambitions and workload with more time for relaxation.  As Ursula knew well, it is not easy!

LitHub Article

It's been a very podcasty summer!  I enjoyed talking to Jim Herlihy about Becoming the Ex-Wife on The San Francisco Experience. You never know what you’re going to say on a podcast (it’s one of the things about them that is both fun and a little horrifying), but I’m glad I said two things when I had my conversation with Jim.  One was, “Who knows? Maybe fifty years from now Ursula Parrott will be shining brighter than F. Scott Fitzgerald? You never know…things change!”

The other, which I really stand behind, is:

San Francisco Experience Podcast

I did my first Australian podcast about Ursula, which was a blast except for the part where I had to do it late at night because of the time difference). Sandy at the Good Girl Confessional was a great interviewer and it was nice to talk to a new Ursula admirer from down under!  And one of the interesting things about being on the Writers Drinking Coffee podcast was discussing the work I do more broadly, which was also the nature of the long interview I did with Authority Magazine, in which I got to talk about watching movies as a kid, mistakes I've made, advice I have to give, film history, the film industry today, my short documentary film collaborations, and more.  

Somehow it’s July…stay cool everybody!

Thank you!  


Marsha Gordon

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