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Dear Sarah,

When Paramount promoted its splashy Great Writers campaign of 1931, Ursula Parrott had a key spot on the typewriter alongside Preston Sturges, Donald Ogden Stewart, Herman Mankiewicz, Ben Hecht, and other top screenwriters of her day. She was in really good company, fully in the Hollywood swim!

I can’t stop thinking about how someone as well-known as she was could be so easily forgotten, something I recently reflected on in “Why have you read ‘The Great Gatsby’ but not Ursula Parrott’s ‘Ex-Wife’?” which has been read 28,486 times and translated into Spanish. I guess that’s 28,486 more people in the world who know about Ursula! But my work as a “Parrott scholar,” which I’ve just been referred to for the first time 😀, is far from done.

I’ll be talking a lot about Ursula’s work in Hollywood in the weeks to come as I continue my fall book and film adaptation screening tour.

After stops in Milwaukee (The Divorcee screening at UWM and an event at the legendary Boswell’s Books) and Madison (a double-feature of There’s Always Tomorrow at the Cinematheque) next week, I’m heading to Los Angeles where I’ll be doing an author’s event at Chevalier’s Bookstore in Larchmont with the brilliant Cara Robertson, giving a talk about Parrott’s career at the glorious LA Public Library Central downtown location, giving a talk (with lots of film clips!) about Ursula in Hollywood at the Hollywood Heritage Museum sponsored by the Art Deco Society of LA, and screening the very racy and fun pre-code rarity Leftover Ladies on 35mm at the Hammer Museum for the UCLA Film/Television Archive.

If you know anyone in Wisconsin or LA, I’d be grateful if you forwarded this email to them! 

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Is anyone out there reading the McNally Editions reprint of Parrott’s “Ex-Wife” right now? If so, I’d love to hear what you think. 


Marsha Gordon

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