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Dictionary & Lexicography Services

SIL International

December 2023

Introducing Peter Oatley

Peter joined SIL in 1995 and served in IT support in South Asia for 14.5 years. On returning to the UK, he worked in the Wycliffe UK and Ireland IT department for 10 years, providing support to office staff and helping to manage the IT systems. He is married to Hilary, who works for the Wycliffe UK & I People Team. Peter and Hilary live in Leicester, UK.

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Announcement: Photos in FLEx

The latest version of FLEx has enhanced properties for providing copyright information for images. To help edit pictures in bulk, Peter Oatley has discovered a command-line tool called ExifTool and a Windows interface called ExifToolGUI. He has written a help document to explain how to use it, together with a couple of videos which can be found here: ExifToolGUI Help.

Please take advantage of these tools to provide copyright and licensing information for images in FLEx. In the near future, FLEx will not allow images to upload to Webonary if this information is missing.

Notice to Webonary.org Users

Webonary has changed how it stores lexical data. The new database provides new and enhanced features for viewing the data. In order to take advantage of this, you will need to upgrade your FLEx software to the latest version, https://software.sil.org/field... and then upload your data to Webonary again. Please do this for all the dictionaries you manage as soon as possible.

Dictionary-Making & Lexicography Courses

There are more than 90 people enrolled in LEX101 English edition. DLS continues to make progress in the translation of the Basic course into French. We are also using DeepL to translate the Basic course into Spanish.

We are also in the process of writing an Intermediate course LEX201. 

These courses are very helpful for learning how to use SIL's best tools for compiling multilingual dictionaries.

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You may access these courses here: https://sites.google.com/sil.o...

Soqotri Rapid Word Collection Workshop

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Photo by Kevin Warfel

In October, Kevin Warfel traveled to Hadibo, Soqotra, Republic of Yemen to lead the Soqotri Rapid Word Collection workshop. Although there was some confusion on who should attend the workshop to help with word collection, in the end they managed to collect 1650 words with only one group of participants, setting an all-time record of 55 words per hour.

The Soqotri team used The Combine app for entering the collected words. If you are interested in hosting a RWC workshop, please contact [email protected].

Dictionary Apps

DLS continues to create dictionary apps for the Google Play store. You may access 

them here: https://play.google.com/store/...

In the near future, DLS will also begin creating iOS apps for the Apple store.

If you need help in creating a dictionary app, please contact DLS at [email protected].

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FLEx Parser Workshop Invitation

A FLEx Parser workshop is being planned for Aug 12-23, 2024 in Dallas, Texas, USA. Please see this site for more details: https://docs.google.com/docume...

Verna Stutzman, MA-Linguistics, MA-Counseling
Dictionary & Lexicography Services Coordinator
SIL International
Skype: verna.stutzman

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